Tomson Cobb has a background in international marketing and trading, with extensive experience of import and export, mainly in electronics. This may have introduced him to various shady operators overseas, and some discrete organisations within the UK.

He respects entrepreneurs who’ve taken risks with their own money to build businesses from scratch, rather than corporate executives with huge salaries that haven’t.

He’s single, lives in London with a very civil female partner. Both love dogs, but currently don’t have one. He likes running, fitness training and playing golf on rare occasions. He also enjoys watching rugby and some other sports, but not soccer. He doesn’t like politicians, bureaucrats or corporate criminals.

You’re thinking this is a short bio but he prefers not to give away too much about himself as he believes it’s safer for all involved. Join the Reader’s Club to learn more.


Investigative journalist with dog. Lives in Central London. Occasional part time agent for MI6. Grammar School educated. Double first from Cambridge. 40 ish. Six foot. Very fit. Expert in Russian martial art called Systema. Bitter from guilt of losing wife and unborn child to murderer. Cynic. Perfectionist in work and life, obsessed some might say. Possibly on edge of autistic scale. Suffers from OCD and mild Acrophobia. To learn more about what makes Jago tick, join the Reader’s Club.

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