Judas Blaze. The Third Espionage Thriller from Tomson Cobb

Trust is a word rarely used within the murky world of Espionage and Secret Intelligence.

In this conspiracy thriller, the final part of the first Jago Hale trilogy, the action moves from Argentina to the West Coast of the USA and finally back to London, where Jago aims to confront the traitor within the UK government and finally establish the identity of the killer of his wife and unborn child.

With the help of his two colleagues from the CIA and Mossad, Jago closes in on the criminal organisation they call Chetwynd. Following an undercover entry into the estancia of the financial mastermind of the group, he and his special-forces team are forced to fight their way to safety. From the information they acquire there, they fly to California to stop an act of terrorism to destroy the US Navy fleet based in San Diego designed by Chetwynd and their associates within the Chinese government, but little does he know that the mystery female assassin that has been killing Jago’s colleagues is hot on his heels. As well as becoming fixated on Jago, a journalist and undercover spy for MI6, the bisexual killer also has her own reasons to find the identity of the man who put out a contract on her life.

Assassin Flame – The Second Espionage Thriller from Tomson Cobb

Life is Hell – then you die

Jago Hale is back on home soil after his dangerous Asian adventure but life isn’t about to get any easier in his operation to stop an international crime organisation who have bigger ambitions than just financial reward.

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A prequel to Sakura Spark, “The Colombian Contract” is exclusive to the Readers Club. It features his friend Sammy Hayes and his small team of SAS Special Forces who join up with Jago on a mission into the Colombian jungle to rescue the son of a UK Government Minister from the clutches of a drug gang.